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All aluminum extrusions ordered from SAF inventory can be anodized and shipped out the next day or painted in 3 days. If you order 100 lbs of material, SAF will cover the freight.  We have no minimums.

SAF’s extrusions are taped together, wrapped in plastic, and packed in cardboard boxes.  Pieces shorter than 9′ can be shipped Fed Ex or UPS.  Extrusions longer than 9′ are shipped on common carrier. All alloys are 6063.


Aluminum channel Aluminum angle Round aluminum tube  rectbar
Square aluminum tube Unequal leg aluminum angle Aluminum square bar   Aluminum tee bar
Z panel clip Aluminum zee bar Rectangular aluminum tube Aluminum hat extrusion

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Aluminum extrusions Aluminum extrusions Aluminum extrusions Aluminum extrusions
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SAF Surplus Metal Sale




Why SAF extrusions?

In tough times most specifiers look for ways to save expenses and conserve capital. Allow SAF to be your on-call Aluminum Extrusions Inventory. We inventory more than 200 different Aluminum Profiles & Shapes, so you don’t have to.  Many SAF customers have reduced their Aluminum Extrusions inventory, depending on SAF’s stock of extrusion profiles instead.  We ship only the extrusions you need for a job when you need it from SAF Atlanta, GA and SAF West, Redding, CA inventories. Our Anodizing & Powder/paint finishing capabilities at both East & West US plants produce a finished product that can be delivered faster than any in the industry. Our nationwide warehouses are close to any US location.

We carry heavy inventories of aluminum extrusions including square aluminum tube, rectangular aluminum tube, aluminum channel, aluminum hat, and aluminum angle.  Our goal is to be the fastest supplier of mill finished, anodized, and painted extrusions in the world.  With no obligation whatsoever you can get quotes right now by clicking here or call our customer service at 800-241-7429 with any inquiries.

So next time, when you think to order extrusions, order only what you need from SAF and free up your valuable capital for other needs.