Anodizing – Colors

custompaintingAnodizing is available in an infinite number of colors.

The effect of volume on pricing of anodized colors is difficult to overstate. This is because an anodizer must procure enough dye to charge a tank in which he can completely submerge the parts. With large parts, say 24′ long, dyeing can be very expensive. For example it can cost $10,000 to charge a 30′ tank with a lightfast dye. The anodizer must recoup this cost in his pricing.

Because of the potential for huge setup charges, most architectural anodizing is done with a $250 minimum charge in clear (silver), bronzes and black. (Shades of burgundy, green and blue are available through a process called “interference coloring.” Contact your SAF sales representative for more information.) We may also set-up to do Gold which would require no set-up charge. We encourage you to call for referrals.


Here is a photo that shows our range of bronze finishes as well as our Class II clear and Gold dark ranges. These samples can be mailed to you upon request. It is always better to have a physical sample to compare color. Since color will vary from computer to computer, these images should not be used for approvals or to choose a color.

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