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Clear, 2-step: Fast Turnaround. Large Capacity, Your Stock or Ours

Anodizing Coast to CoastServing the U.S. from Atlanta, GA & Redding, CA.

Clear, Light Bronze, Medium Bronze, Dark Bronze, Statuary Bronze, Black, Gold Anodizing

As an Aluminum Anodizer since 1946 we have earned a reputation as a reliable resource nationwide for anodizing and related products and services.

As an active member of the Aluminum Anodizers Council we continue our commitment to responsible anodizing for both anodizers and SAF customers.

How can we promise to ship anodized SAF Aluminum Extrusions & Sheet from inventory the next day?

Next-Day-Out services are offered for SAF stock of aluminum extrusions & less-than-10 quantities of SAF aluminum sheet orders.

SAF is a custom aluminum anodizer providing coast-to-coast, fast turnaround service. Rely on our aluminum coating experts to help with your anodized coating specifications for furnished aluminum parts. Or, select from an extensive SAF inventory of stocked aluminum extrusion shapes that we can anodize and ship the day after ordering! SAF also stocks aluminum sheet to meet most architectural, building or other part requirements.

Choose from Mechanical, Chemical (cleaned, etched), Protective/Decorative, Architectural Class I, II Anodic Finish options.

Most batch anodized sheet orders ship in 1-5 days. We also keep a large inventory of prefinished sheets in both anodized and painted finishes.

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Aluminum extrusions, aluminum sheets, fabricated brake shapes, aluminum rails, small parts, grills, louvers, frames, or aluminum coil. Our large capacity anodizing tanks can probably handle whatever part anodizing project you can send our way. Talk with a an Anodizing Expert at our Georgia or California plant locations.

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Anodizing is…

… an electrochemical finishing process that thickens and toughens the naturally occurring protective oxide.  Click here for answers to common aluminum finishing questions. SAF provides both batch anodized aluminum as well as coil anodized aluminum.  Batch processing involves racking parts and immersing them in a series of treatment tanks. Extrusions, sheets or bent metal parts, castings, cookware, cosmetic cases, flashlight bodies, and machined aluminum parts are just a few of the items that are batched anodized.  Coil finishing involves continuous unwinding of pre-rolled coils through a series of etching and cleaning tanks, and then rewinding for shipment and fabrication.