Photos of SAF Anodized Projects



Below are some projects that SAF has done in the past. Additional projects can be veiwed at our gallery by clicking this link.



“Dark Bronze” is a sort of metallic brown color.  It refers to the color of aged bronze, which turns dark.  The project above is the Bethesda METRO  station in Bethesda, MD.


Here is another dark bronze anodized project.  This sculpture was installed outside the Natural Science Center in Greensboro, NC.



The studios of WCNC in Charlotte NC are clad with fabricated aluminum  sheet that has been 215 clear anodized.


Handrails for Waste Water Treatment Plants are often clear anodized.


The Clark County Athens Regional Library storefront has a 2-step anodized coating that was subsequently dyed with a Lightfast Red dye to produce this burgundy color.


The parapet coping/cornice of the IRS Headquarters in Landrum, MD, is coated with a SAF215 Clear Anodized coating.