Spacer Bars

coilSpacer bars for insulated glass

Spacer bar manufacturer’s worldwide have used SAF’s clear anodized finish for spacer bars.  Our product allows for increased laser-welding speeds, better adhesion of the sealant to the metal, and a clean surface for material handling during the manufacturing process.  The matte finish also avoids reflecting sunlight.

  • Metal thickness: typically between 0.28mm and 0.4mm (0.010″ and .016″ inches)
  • Up to 49″ input widths
  • Color Anodizing (dyes)
  • 66″ maximum O.D., 10,000 lbs maximum coil weight
  • Anodic coating typically less than 3uM

Quality Control

  • Four Chemical Engineers (2 P.E.’s)
  • Two graduate Chemists
  • ASTM, ANSI, AAMA Testing Capability
  • SAF complies with all federal, state and local environmental regulations.


  • For good appearance, be sure to use anodizing quality (AQ) aluminum
  • Anodizing surface quality is dependent on the metal we start with. Anodizing does not cover up scratches or water stains.
  • Anodized Aluminum is corrosion resistant and Coil Anodizing improves material handling and allows for a more uniform appearance.

SAF is unusual because they offer:

  1. Fabrication, anodizing, coil anodizing and painting facilities from a single source.
  2. A full fabrication department with the ability to manufacture anything made of aluminum.
  3. They carry a complete inventory of aluminum coils, sheets, extrusions, and roofing trims.
  4. State-of-the-art information processing power.