Metal Column Covers & Metal Beam Wraps

Exterior / Interior

By using a pre-engineered system approach, SAF can quickly design and fabricate column covers and beam wraps that are easy to install.

Column cover configurations include halves, thirds and quarters with or without vertical reveals or horizontal reveals at the base, middle and/or top.  SAF’s Columns can be round, square or rectangular.

In addition to 56 standard colors offered by SAF we also offer computerized custom color mixing and a variety of popular anodized colors. We also offer Composite Column Covers.

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metal_colCvrs_3Series M Column Covers are available in:

  • 3000 Series Aluminum Alloys
  • 5005 Series Anodize Quality Aluminum Alloys
  • 300 Series Stainless Steel Alloys (Brushed or Mirror Finish)
  • Other Specialty Metals (Including Perforated, Embossed and Woven Materials)


C-1000 Details
                  Series M-1000 Metal “Butt Joint” Column Covers

                    C 2000 Joint Detail
                  Series M-2000 Metal “Reveal Joint” Column Covers








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