Perimeter Systems


Perimeter Systems, a division of SAF (Southern Aluminum Finishing Co., Inc.) since 1990, designs, manufactures, and supplies a variety of beautiful, functional  Sheet & Aluminum Extrusion products for the Architect, Design-Build, and Commercial Roofing Contractor. Indeed, it can be said our extensive product line and fabrication services can provide a “Perimeter Systems” solution for virtually any imaginable commercial roof eave and gutter application.

SAF Perimeter Systems offerings include a full range of Designer Series & Industrial Commercial Gutter Systems, Designer Series Cornices & Cornice Mouldings, and the Press-Loc® Series of Gravel Stops and Copings. Perimeter Systems Pros bring a wealth of expertise, experience and imagination to Commercial Roofing perimeter solutions around the country and beyond. From soffits and cornices, to commercial gutter systems, the Perimeter Systems division of SAF delivers excellence and enduring performance – while ensuring consistent quality, color, and customer service.