Extruded Aluminum Cornices

Since 1990, Perimeter Systems has provided Designer Series Cornice for churches, universities, financial institutions, municipalities, and stately homes throughout the United States.  Now, these formed cornice mouldings are available in aluminum extrusions.  Extrusions provide precise joints, exceptionally crisp lines, with much greater detail.

Featuring Interlocking Profiles

Designer Series Extruded Cornice Mouldings are uniquely designed to interlock with a water resistant and securely locked seam.  In addition, we designed our mouldings with an overlapped “shingle effect” seam to deflect wind driven rain.

Interchangeable Profiles


These extruded mouldings are available in several classical profiles along with sills, offsets, & closure trims.  Interchangeable mouldings easily combine to create most any cornice imaginable.  And with a special head trim, these refined mouldings can be installed as interior crown mouldings.

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