Radius Coping


Radius Press-Loc® Coping

Press-Loc® Coping can be manufactured in a radius.  A field template of the radius wall (made of rigid cardboard)  is required.  Click below to download instructions for preparing a radius coping field template and dimensions required.

When we receive the field template and dimensions, production drawings are prepared so the coping top can be cut to the proper radius.  The coping faces are rolled into a radius to match the coping top, and the unit is heliarc welded together to form a coping.

Radius coping work is a time consuming and expensive undertaking.  As such, we always ship a sample template for field fit verification before proceeding with production.  Most times, the template is returned so it can be finished and shipped with the final radius order.

Click to download Wall Radius Coping Template & Dimension instructions