Press-Loc Gravel Stop

Press-Loc® Gravel Stop

The most universal snap-on gravel stop available…

Press-Loc is designed to accommodate the rigid performance criteria of today’s advance roofing systems. It doesn’t matter if your roof membrane is E.P.D.M., Thermoplastic, Modified Bitumen, or a Built-Up Roof, Press-Loc fits them all.

Press-Loc Accommodates any membrane by encapsulation…

Press-Loc allows you to install your metal edging to be flashed in accordance with your membrane manufacturer’s specifications. The Secure Bar profile fully encapsulates your membrane ensuring a watertight and leakproof edge. And, if you’re using a raised tapered roof edge and minimal leakage is not a problem, simply omit your metal edging… it’s your choice.

Easy Installation…

Press-Loc’s unique and simple design makes installation fast and economical, while giving you a leaf-proof gravel stop edge that is extremely resistant to wind uplift. Simply fasten Press-Loc’s secure bar to your roof’s edge (screws provided), place tension clips at 24″, and snap on Press-Loc’s fascia… it’s that simple.

Press-Loc® Gravel Stop is available in 56 EZ Mix Kynar 500 colors and the following aluminum thicknesses;

  • 0.040″
  • 0.050″
  • 0.063″
  • 0.080″
  • 0.090″

 PLGS 4.5                  PLGS 6.0                  PLGS 8.0

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