Aluminum Tubing Extrusion -Square

Aluminum square tubing

Square Aluminum Tubing Extrusion profiles are available in: Mill finish, Clear anodized, Bronze anodized, Black anodized, Gold anodized, and painted.

6063 alloy aluminum tubing, also known as architectural aluminum tubing, is an extruded aluminum tube with sharp, 90 degree angle corners inside and outside.
  • Square Tube Aluminum Tubing Extrusions also known as: Sharp corner square tube, architectural square tube shape
  • Common Square Tube Aluminum Extrusion uses: Architectural framing, store fixtures, displays, glass and mirror projects, fencing, gates, handrails, woodworking projects etc..
  • Workability: 6063 alloy has good acceptance of applied coatings such as anodized or painted finishes. 6063 aluminum square tubing is fairly easy to weld, and is relatively soft and easy to cut.  6063 alloy can be machined, but does not machine as well as harder alloys like 6061.
  • Temper – T5 (6063-T5). This temper and T-52 temper are the most common for 6063. T5 produces a more consistent finish when anodized.
  • Measurement calculations –   Width and Height (A)  X  Thickness (B)  X  Length. All measurements are outside dimensions.
  • Stock extrusion length sizes – 24’1″
  • Cut to length– Aluminum tube extrusions can be cut to 92″ or smaller lengths and shipped Fed Ex. The saw blade removes an 1/8″ kerf for each cut.

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st3416 Aluminum square tubing 3/4″ .0625″ 24′ 1″ 4.937
st34 Aluminum square tubing 3/4″ .125″ 24′ 1″ 9.055
st116 Aluminum square tubing 1″ .0625″ 24′ 1″ 6.743
st1 Aluminum square tubing 1″ .125″ 24′ 1″ 12.668
st114 Aluminum square tubing 1 1/4″ .125″ 24′ 1″ 16.280
st112 Aluminum square tubing 1 1/2″ .125″ 24′ 1″ 19.868
st134 Aluminum square tubing 1 3/4″ .125″ 24′ 1″ 23.457
st2 Aluminum square tubing 2″ .125″ 24′ 1″ 27.117
st3 Aluminum square tubing 3″ .125″ 24′ 1″ 41.567
st4 Aluminum square tubing 4″ .125″ 24′ 1″ 56.402
st412s Aluminum square tubing 4 1/2″ .125″ 12’0″ 31.512
st6 Aluminum square tubing 6″ .125″ 24′ 1″ 84.893

Square Tube Aluminum Extrusion shapes are available in: Mill finish, Clear anodized, Bronze anodized, Black anodized, Gold anodized, and painted.

SAF has one of the largest inventory of 6063 architectural (square corner) Tube aluminum extrusions  in the nation. Tube Extrusion orders ship out next day in mill finish or any one of our anodized finishes. Aluminum Tube Extrusions can also be painted and shipped out in 3 business days. We carry large inventories of aluminum extrusions including square tube, rectangular tube, equal leg angle, zee bar, tee bar, rectangular bar, square bar and many curtain wall panel extrusions.  Our goal is to be the fastest supplier of mill finished, anodized, and painted aluminum extrusions in the world. SAF has been a trusted source for the architectural industry for over 70 years. We have manufacturing plants in Georgia, Indiana and California which allow us to ship anywhere in the nation quickly. Click the “buy now” button to get a no obligation instant quote on any one of our extruded aluminum profiles.

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