SAF Poster – Extrusions & Sheet

Version 14 Now available.
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SAF Poster - Southern Aluminum Finishing Aluminum Extrusions & Aluminum Sheet Guide

SAF Poster – Southern Aluminum Finishing Aluminum Extrusions & Sheet Poster

Order a free, SAF poster, SAF Aluminum Extrusions & Sheet Guide

Version 14 Now Available. Click to receive a free Aluminum Extrusions & Sheet Guide poster!

The SAF Aluminum Extrusions & Sheet Poster is popular with contractors because it’s big & practical. Tacked on a wall, our SAF poster-size Guide makes it easy to find & order all of the standard SAF extruded aluminum profiles we stock, including panel extrusions with part numbers and valuable stocked size/weight information. Also highlighted on the Extrusions & Sheet Guide is the notice that SAF’s cut-to-length service applies to any extrusion.

Free shipping on orders over 100 lbs. Contractors are encouraged to request additional copies at no charge.

SAF does custom aluminum anodizing, painting, powder-coating, custom fabricating and wholesales prefinished aluminum sheet.