SAF Anodizing Projects

Review some of our many SAF Anodizing projects below.

Additional Anodizing Projects can be viewed here.

SAF Anodizing: Dark Bronze Anodizing

“Dark Bronze” is a rich metallic brown color that recalls the color of aged bronze, which naturally turns dark over time. SAF Project: Bethesda METRO station in Bethesda, MD.

SAF Anodizing: Dark Bronze Anodizing Art Project

SAF was selected to provide the high quality dark anodized bronze for this art project.  SAF Project: Sculpture installed outside the Natural Science Center, Greensboro, NC.


SAF Anodizing: 215 clear anodized sheet

Building clad with fabricated aluminum sheet that has been 215 clear anodized. SAF Project: Studios of WCNC, Charlotte NC

SAF Anodizing: clear anodized handrails

SAF Project: Handrails for Waste Water Treatment Plants are often clear anodized for cost-effective, long lasting part protection.

SAF Anodizing: 2-step anodized Lightfast Red Dye Project

2-step anodized coating that was subsequently dyed with a Lightfast Red dye to produce this burgundy color. SAF Project: Clark County Athens Regional Library storefront.

SAF Anodizing: SAF Clear Anodized Coating

Parapet Coping/Cornice coated with a SAF215 Clear Anodized. SAF Project: IRS Headquarters in Landrum, MD