ACM Column Covers & Beam Wraps

SAF ACM Column CoversExterior & Interior ACM Column Covers

By using a pre-engineered system approach to ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) Column Covers & Beam Wraps, SAF can quickly design & fabricate Column Covers that are easy to install. Our ACM Column Covers are available in Painted and Anodized finishes. We also offer Metal Column CoversACM Column Cover configurations include halves, thirds and quarters with or without vertical reveals or horizontal reveals at the base, middle and/or top.

In addition to the full array of popular, standard colors offered in ACM (aluminum composite material), SAF also offers a Custom Color ACM Column Cover service with a slightly longer lead-time.

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Choose from:

  • 3mm Standard Core Column Covers
  • 4mm Standard Core Column Covers
  • 6mm Standard Core Column Covers
  • 6mm Fire-Rated Core Column Covers
     C-1000 Details
    Series C-1000 Composite “Butt Joint” Column Covers


                       C 2000 Joint Detail
   Series C-2000 Composite”Reveal Joint” Column Covers

WARNING!  ACM products, including the ACM as sold by SAF as its product, are combustible; they can catch fire and burn.  Any laboratory testing information provided by SAF or by ACM manufacturers applies only to the particular product or assembly tested and does not necessarily represent how products will actually perform in their use.  Reports and test data corresponding to a particular tested product or assembly are not a guarantee that the same product or assembly would always achieve the same test result.  End-users of ACM products must consult with building and safety code experts to assure that the actual end use for the ACM is appropriate on a specific project.