ADAPT Column Cover Accessories

ADAPT is an SAF Product line of accessories and options for SAF column covers and wall panels. Our goal with the ADAPT line is to provide accessories that enhance product performance and/or reduce installation hassles and time with innovative features and design.


Ready Clamp Column Cover Brackets

Speed installation of  SAF Series 1000 & 2000 ACM & Metal Column Covers

Ready Clamp is a two part column cover mounting bracket system for quickly securing Column Covers onto rectangular and round structural columns with large or small diameters. Once the installer fastens the Ready Clamp brackets onto a structural column and attaches the first column cover section, the installer can easily attached the mating column cover section with SAF’s Ready Clamp brackets that accommodates both reveal and butt joint column covers.

Ready Clamp completely eliminates the need for on-site framing, fabrication, and complicated mounting clips typically required to secure exterior or interior column covers.

Series 1000 Pipe Bracket Dimensional Drawing

Series 2000 Pipe Bracket Dimensional Drawing

To order, simply provide structural column description and dimensions.

QUIET Sound Deadening Optionquiet Accoustical Dampening

QUIET is a sound reduction option for the SAF line of interior “M” Series 1000 & 2000 Metal Column Covers & Panels. The material is an acoustical grade thermoplastic that SAF applies to the inside surfaces of our prefabricated column covers and panels. According to the manufacturer of this thermoplastic, the acoustical lining dampens acoustic and mechanical resonance sounds up to 75%. In buildings with open, or high traffic interior areas, acoustical dampening in wall panels and columns can help the designer reduce background noise, also known as noise pollution.

The acoustical lining is made from recycled material, resists mold and mildew, meets both ASTM E-119 and ASTM E-84 Fire ratings, and can aid in certifying projects for LEED.

Specify QUIET with your SAF Column Cover or Panel order.