RainScreen M4000 Metal Panels

SAF Series 4000 Rain Screen Metal Panel System reveal

Specifications for Series M4000 Metal Plate RainScreen Panel System

Download a pdf containing Guidelines & Specifications for Exterior Metal Plate RainScreen Wall Panels, specifically the SAF Series 4000 Drained & Back Ventilated Rainscreen. Contains information on design, finishing and installing the Metal Plate Panel System. Sections include: Metal Framing, Flashing & Trim, Joint Sealer, Windows, Glazing, Framed Curtain Wall Sections.

Details for Series M4000 Rainscreen Panel System

Download a PDF document with blueprint details for the Series 4000 Rainscreen Panel System with Rainscreen Panel Extrusion installation drawings.

The RainScreen Panel Principle

Download a PDF document by the Metal Construction Association that informs the architectural, design/build and commercial construction contractors about Drained/Back-ventilated or Pressure Equalized  Rainscreen Panel Systems. The work is a resource for describing the mechanisms for accomplishing water infiltration management and prevention.

saf-panel brochureDownload the complete SAF Building Panel Systems brochure: Architect, Specifier & Contractor Guide to SAF Panel Systems.

SImple Fix SIngle Panel Installation InstructionsNeed to replace a single SAF C4000 / M4000 RainScreen panel without removing undamaged panels? Download instructions for the SAF Simple Fix Panel Replacement Kit: Simple Fix Single Panel Installation Instructions.

SAF Building Panel Products VideoYour introduction to SAF Dry Panel, Rain Screen Building Panels: SAF Rain Screen Panel System Components & Installation Video