Flat ACM Sheet Sales

SAF is a leading Flat ACM Sheet distributor

ACM SheetPurchase ACM Sheet direct from SAF. It may be cost-effective to fabricate your own panels from ACM (aluminum composite materials) sheet.  SAF is one the leading ACM  Sales distributors in the USA, offering such national & international brands as Alpolic, Reynobond or Alucobond sheets.  

We’ll even teach you how to work with ACM Flat Sheet, offering a one day ACM Fabricating Class. Learn about fabricating our Series 4000 and 4500 Rain Screen Panel Systems using SAF Panel Extrusions.  We can cut panels to a specified size and ship flat blanks direct to you.

SAF also anodizes ACM to order.

WARNING!  ACM products, including the ACM as sold by SAF as its product, are combustible; they can catch fire and burn.  Any laboratory testing information provided by SAF or by ACM manufacturers applies only to the particular product or assembly tested and does not necessarily represent how products will actually perform in their use.  Reports and test data corresponding to a particular tested product or assembly are not a guarantee that the same product or assembly would always achieve the same test result.  End-users of ACM products must consult with building and safety code experts to assure that the actual end use for the ACM is appropriate on a specific project.