Wet Seal 3000 Panels

Wet Seal C-3000 ACM, or M-3000 Glazed Plate Panels

SAF Metal Fabrication can meet your needs for custom architectural Plate Metal & ACM Wet Seal Panel systems.

SAF’s Series 3000 Aluminum Plate Panel System
Caulked M-3000 Specs
Also see our plate metal column covers and beam wraps

The SAF Series 3000 wet sealed (caulked) panel system is designed for better structural integrity and better water/vapor protection. While no panel system is completely impervious to vapor/water penetration, the caulked 3000 system adds an extra level of protection. Additionally, this SAF Panel system is designed for higher wind loads and flatter panels. The SAF Series 3000 Wall Panel System properly installed with Alpolic Aluminum Composite Material complies with the South Florida Building Code. This Wet Seal system uses continuous “male” and “female” extrusions factory attached along the routed and returned edges of the panel, requiring a progressive installation method. The 3000 system may be manufactured with factory applied stiffeners to prevent “oil-canning.”

Download SAF Panel Brochure: SAFpanel-Brochure102212-300


SAF Resources for Fabricating Metal Plate Panels

SAF has the personnel, machinery and equipment to meet most Plate Panel project requirements. Our experienced staff of Estimators, Designers and Project Managers will work with you every step of the way from providing a prompt detailed quotation to project completion. Include SAF on your bid list for Plate Panel architectural products. 

 Metal Plate Panel Materials

3000 Series Aluminum Alloys
5005 Series Anodize Quality (AQ) Aluminum Alloys
300 Series Stainless Steel Alloys (Brushed or Mirror Finish)
Other Specialty Metals (including perforated, embossed and woven materials)

 Aluminum Plate Panel Finishing Options

Painted Aluminum Projects: Southern Aluminum Finishing Company is an approved applicator of PVDF (KYNAR 500 or HYLAR 5000). All painted aluminum is pretreated with chrome phosphate for proper paint adhesion.

Anodized Aluminum Projects: Southern Aluminum Finishing Company, long recognized as an industry leader in anodizing, has developed the SAFINISH Designation System for specifying exterior finishes used on architectural aluminum building products.

Specify SAFINISH for a finish with the longest expected lifetime of any available for aluminum. SAFINISH coatings are available only on aluminum, because aluminum is the only metal with the longevity and resistance to corrosion equal to the quality implied by the SAFINISH designation. SAF recommends SAFINISH for long-term exterior use. Ask about our five and 20 year limited warranties for SAFINISH coatings.