Easy Clip ACM Panel System

nm 500 Easy Clip Panel System

SAF Series NM500 Easy Clip ACM Panel System

The SAF Series NM500 panel clip system is our least expensive wet seal (caulked) panel system. The system uses a series of staggered clip angles along the routed and returned edges of the panel.

Quick, Easy ACM Panel Replacements

The NM500 panel clip system allows quick and easy replacement of damaged panels to lower total cost of ownership. Easy Clip angles are factory attached in such a manner to allow for non-progressive installation and removal of any panel without disturbing adjacent panels. Easy Clip Panels can also be ordered to ship with loose clip angles for field attachment to individual panels, giving installers even more flexibility in determining clip angle location and final panel installation. 

WARNING!  ACM products, including the ACM as sold by SAF as its product, are combustible; they can catch fire and burn.  Any laboratory testing information provided by SAF or by ACM manufacturers applies only to the particular product or assembly tested and does not necessarily represent how products will actually perform in their use.  Reports and test data corresponding to a particular tested product or assembly are not a guarantee that the same product or assembly would always achieve the same test result.  End-users of ACM products must consult with building and safety code experts to assure that the actual end use for the ACM is appropriate on a specific project.