Ornamental Trim & Formed Brake Metal

Ornamental Trim & Break Metal FabricationYour resource for Ornamental Trim & Formed Brake Metal

SAF Fabrication makes it easy for you to order special Ornamental Trim & Formed Brake Metal services. Simply submit a drawing and piece count of the trim components or other miscellaneous metal parts requiring metal fabrication. We will promptly respond with a quotation and an estimate of the shipping date from receipt of order with full details.

SAF as fully equipped metal fabrication facilities. That means most fabrication processes are completed in-house. Due to our investment, SAF customers enjoy improved service and quality. We track every metal part in our plant, daily through all fabricating and finishing steps. Experienced SAF metal craftsmen and a quality control regimen are your best assurance of receiving the fabricated parts that meet your metal fabrication specifications the first time.

Ask about SAF 3 Day Out Fabrication

Ask about SAF 3 Day Out Fabrication

SAF is equipped with Press Brakes up to 20′ in length and a Folding Machine to Fabricate Your Custom Metal Shapes.

See SAF Unique Custom-Fabrication for a complete capabilities listing.

Contact us today at (770) 942-1207 to discuss your Metal Fabrication requirements or simply fax your request for quotation to our toll-free Estimating Dept. at (877) 949-4759. If your prefer, you can also email us at info@saf.com