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August 21st 2012 – SAF announces CEO succession plan

PMMJNMthumbSAF Announces CEO Succession Plan

Atlanta, GA – 21 Aug 2012  – The Board of Directors of SAF (Southern Aluminum Finishing Co., Inc.) announces that John McClatchey, Ph.D., 67, is retiring from the position of President of SAF, effective September 1st.  Dr. McClatchey has held the President’s job since 1988.  He will continue to serve on the Board of Directors.   Dr. McClatchey plans to work as the Chief Financial Officer of SAF for at least another two years.

James and Penn McClatchey will share the CEO job, assuming the titles co-CEO.  James, 62, will take responsibility for Sales, IT and Finance.  Penn, 50, will take responsibility for Operations, Engineering and Marketing.   James joined SAF in 1973, and Penn joined SAF in 1986.  Both men have deep experience in all areas of the Company’s business.

Under John McClatchey’s leadership, SAF began manufacturing wall panel systems, column covers, Perimeter Systems roofing-edge trims, and coil anodizing.  SAF opened a 100,000 sqft fabrication and Fluorocarbon coating facility in Villa Rica, GA, in 2003, and 70,000 ft2 operation in Redding, CA, in 2006.

John McClatchey stated, “This is an ideal time for a CEO transition. The Company is in very good shape strategically and financially. The management team at SAF is second to none and ready to capitalize on the many opportunities ahead. I have great confidence in Penn and James and their ability to lead SAF to the next level of success. They are surrounded by a very strong group of talented people at all levels of the organization.”

Penn McClatchey commented, “I look forward to working closely with James to finish out 2012 in strong fashion, and I’m excited about leading SAF in 2013 and into the future.”

James McClatchey commented, “SAF has thrived despite a harsh building products market during the last four years.  Our success has always been based on a model of shared decision making.  I look forward to working with our management team to open our new anodizing line in Redding, CA, later this year.”

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, SAF (Southern Aluminum Finishing Co., Inc.) is a nation-wide aluminum extrusions and sheet distributor, aluminum fabricator, and aluminum finisher specializing in Kynar painting and architectural anodizing. SAF also distributes column covers, architectural panels, and commercial roofing trim to architectural specifiers, glazing contractors, and other industries. Customers can order batch aluminum anodizing, painting, coil anodizing, powder coating and custom fabricating.

For more information contact:

Penn McClatchey, co-CEO
SAF Southern Aluminum Finishing Co., Inc.
8370 E. Highway 78 • Villa Rica, GA 30180 USA
Email: pmm@saf.com
Website: www.saf.com
Phone: 770-942-1207×801, or 800-241-7429