A Proud History

February 21, 2011 – Perimeter System launches line of extruded aluminum cornices

Click here to download architectural renderings of St. Mary’s Parish provided by Stehling, Klein, Thomas Architects, P.L.L.C.

SANFORD, N.C. – Perimeter Systems recently launched a line of extruded aluminum cornices with custom mounting gussets for architects seeking highly refined exterior mouldings. The products work towards LEED certification, cut down on raw materials and labor, streamline the design process, and enhance a project’s aesthetic value. The ornate extruded aluminum cornices, available in 56 powder coat colors, allow architects to artistically enhance a project without any concern for color matching, weathering, insects, or fire, all issues that have plagued conventional decorative moldings.

“Not only is the aluminum superior in terms of maintenance, wear and appearance, but it is also 85% recycled, contributing to our clients’ green certifications,” said Frank Mills, Perimeter System’s general manger. “We’ve created this line of products for architects so designs can incorporate aesthetic features, rather than being an afterthought. Also, our innovative gusset eliminates the need for complex framing for product application, saving builders labor and resources.”

Perimeter Systems is an unparalleled building resource to architects, assisting with preliminary budgets to complete cornice designs. The company’s new website features 3-dimentional modeling, CAD and Sketch Up files for architects. The new site is loaded with high-resolution project photography and product specifications to highlight all of Perimeter System’s vast product offerings. Videos are also included that feature their extruded cornices along with “how to design” gussets.

St. Mary’s Parish in Fredericksburg, T.X. is using the extruded aluminum cornices. The church is constructing a new Parish Center alongside its two existing buildings. Two of the most historically significant buildings in the state, the “new” church, as the locals refer to it, was built in 1906 and the older structure was dedicated in 1863. The project broke ground in January of 2011 and will be completed in November of this year. Built with stone, stucco and a hand crimped roof, the building needed detailing that would complement the neighboring historic structures, and required a cornice product built to endure. Randy Stehling, the St. Mary’s Parish project architect of the firm Stehling, Klein, Thomas Architects made adjustments to existing plans to incorporate Perimeter System’s extruded aluminum cornices.

“We have a special set of circumstances as we have to build a proud structure, and also uphold the craftsman’s standards established more than one hundred years ago,” said Stehling. “Perimeter System’s products bring both class and stamina to this generational building, as the parishioners call it, a project meant to stand forever.”

All of Perimeter Systems extruded aluminum cornices, as well as product photography, CAD files and product videos can be found at www.saf.com/persys.

About Perimeter Systems:

Perimeter Systems designs, manufactures, and supplies a variety of Architectural Metals including the Designer Series Commercial Gutter Systems, Designer Series Cornice Mouldings, and the FM® approved Press-Loc® Series of gravel stops and copings. Perimeter System’s parent company, Southern Aluminum Finishing has been in the aluminum finishing and fabrication business since 1946. Today, with facilities in Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and California, the company offers a broad range of products and services to customers in all aspects of the construction business. Learn more about Perimeter Systems at www.saf.com/persys.