A Proud History

January 22nd, 1999 – Together with SAF Renovations, Inc, Southern Aluminum Finishing Company announces the availability of a new coating for renovation of architectural aluminum.

NEWS STATUS: New Product News for Immediate Release January 22, 1999

SAF Renovations, Inc., announces the availability of a new air-dry fluorocarbon coating for application to exterior architectural aluminum.  Azores is a coating manufactured by Valspar, Inc, and SAF Renovations is an approved applicator of this new coating technology.  SAF Renovations is a contract service started by the same people who own Southern Aluminum Finishing Company. Their objective is to provide expertise in the maintenance and renovation of architectural metals. For over fifty years, SAF has anodized, powder-coated and painted aluminum.

Azores is ideal for field repair, composite panels, insulated doors, cement or almost any material or product that requires low baking temperatures and a durable, weather resistant coating.  Azores is being embraced by the architectural community as a viable replacement for existing Kynar-based (PVDF) coatings.  Azores is a high performance water base, fluropolymer which can be manufactured in all colors.   Azores meets or exceeds the weathering characteristics of AAMA 605.2 just like Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 which are used in factory-bake applications for architectural use. Azores, like Kynar 500 , is resistant to weathering because it is a fluropolymer resin that is nearly chemically inert. It resists chalking, fading, ultraviolet degradation and salt spray corrosion.  Perhaps best of all, it is a low VOC coating, making it compatible with today’s environmental concerns.

Until recently, many renovation projects were specified with enamel or urethane products. Unfortunately, these products do not last more than a few years and they often have high VOC content. Azores will last at least four times longer than these coatings in most applications while it protects the environment. SAF Renovations is a Valspar approved applicator of Azores.

Azores is a field applied finish coat for use over properly prepared, weathered anodized or previously painted aluminum building components. SAF applies Azores with a high volume, low-pressure spray system which means there is minimal overspray. The system also prevents the possibility of paint runs or sagging that are often associated with painting.

Azores is the solution to cost-effective renovation for metal exteriors.