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January 2nd, 2013 – SAF-West opens anodizing plant, adds capacity

NewLineFullAtlanta, GA – January 2nd, 2013  – With the start-up of its batch anodizing line, SAF-West achieves functional parity with SAF’s east coast capability. Their Redding, CA, plant operations now include distribution of aluminum extrusions & sheet, and metal fabrication in addition to the newly-added anodizing service.  The anodizing plant reaches customers up and down the west coast with next day delivery throughout California.  SAF’s next-day-out service on custom anodized sheet and extrusions now results in expedited delivery to the west coast and mountain states.

The new capability will improve SAF’s capacity to efficiently serve its extrusion, fabrication and finishing customers in the western U.S..  SAF’s customers represent a wide variety of industries, but most are users of architectural aluminum extrusions, fabricated architectural aluminum parts, aluminum sheet and panel systems.

With its renowned next-day-out anodizing service, SAF is the only supplier in North America who can custom anodize and ship sheet and extrusions for their customers in 24 hours or less.   Customers can also place orders at http://www.saf.com.  Orders placed before 5PM will ship the next business day.

“We’re looking forward to the new levels of customer service our SAF-West anodizing line enables,” says James McClatchey, SAF Co-CEO. James directed the opening of the SAF Redding facility in 2007 with 5 local employees and 20,000 sq. ft. Today SAF-West operates with 20 employees in 75,000 sq. ft., and expects to add another 10 – 20 employees in 2013.

Batch anodizing involves racking parts and immersing them in a series of treatment tanks. Featuring the latest environmentally sound processes, the new SAF anodizing plant will produce clear and 2-step anodized finishes in bronzes and black hues in lengths up to 28’.   Both acid and caustic etched finishes are available.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, SAF is a nation-wide aluminum extrusions and sheet distributor, aluminum fabricator, and aluminum finisher specializing in Kynar painting and architectural anodizing. SAF also distributes column covers, architectural panels, and commercial roofing trim to architectural specifiers, glazing contractors, and other industries.
For more information contact:
Penn McClatchey, Co-CEO
SAF Southern Aluminum Finishing Co., Inc.
8370 E. Highway 78 • Villa Rica, GA 30180 USA
Email: pmm@saf.com
Website: www.saf.com
Phone: 770-942-1207×801, or 800-241-7429