A Proud History

January 6th, 2009 – SAF adds gold anodizing to it’s Atlanta manufacturing facility

GoldthumbSAF is now offering its gold anodized finish out of the Atlanta, Georgia headquarters.  SAF’s Atlanta facility recently added the dyed gold anodize process to its existing line of clear and bronze anodized finishes and effectively broadens the color spectrum available for SAF.   SAF will also offer better lead times on gold anodized products as well as transportation costs.  This gold anodizing will have a satin or “matte” finish to match SAF’s other architectural anodized finishes and will not be the reflective or “bright” finish associated with shower doors. The addition of the gold anodizing process means they can now offer next-day shipment of gold anodized extrusions to complement their current next-day-out program of the rest of their anodized extrusions.  They can also supply custom fabricated gold anodized brake metal.  The process is accomplished first by clear anodizing and then dipping the anodized aluminum in an inorganic dye prior to sealing.  SAF’s Gold anodizing has good light fastness and can be used outdoors with good results.  SAF continues to offer the fastest service in the industry on custom anodized aluminum.