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July 12th, 2012 – SAF Composite Panel Fabrication Course

ACM-PanelsACM Wall Panel Fabrication Training Now Offered By SAF

Composite wall panel systems offer a striking and bold architectural feature to any commercial construction project.  With their light weight and remarkable ability to retain flatness, metal wall panels have become the standard in architectural storefront and curtainwall facades.

SAF is now offering a training session on fabricating SAF’s 4000 Series Panel Systems.  Attendees will learn the details on all aspects of fabricating ACM panel systems, including how to rout, rivet, silicon, and fasten the composite panel systems together.  Upon completion, SAF can offer customers the two most critical components needed to build an ACM wall panel system: the stock ACM sheets and the extrusions.  Attendees will receive a certificate of completion showing that they have participated in the SAF Panel Fabrication course.  Held in either our California or Georgia facilities, the course costs $400 for the first attendee and $200 for each subsequent attendee for that firm.  Please contact us at info@saf.com for details today.

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