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May 4, 2011 – SAF Announces Directional Sanded Extrusion Finishes

brushedAtlanta, GA – 4 May 2011 – SAF (Southern Aluminum Finishing Co., Inc.) announces the availability of a directional sanded, also called ‘brushed’, finish on many of their stock aluminum extrusions. SAF has acquired a drum sanding machine that can apply a directionally sanded finish on the outside, flat surfaces of tubes, channels, angles and bars. This finish is not available on any round tubes or the inside of any extrusions because it is applied with a drum sander. SAF can also provide this directional finish on flat sheets and brake metal.

The new surface finish is applied prior to anodizing and adds about two weeks to a typical next-day-out anodized extrusion service. For quotes, orders and questions regarding brushed or sanded aluminum extrusions please call the SAF Atlanta Sales and Customer Service team at 1-800-241-7429 or 404-355-1560.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, SAF (Southern Aluminum Finishing Co., Inc.) is a nation-wide aluminum extrusions and sheet distributor, aluminum fabricator, and aluminum finisher specializing in Kynar painting and architectural anodizing. SAF distributes, fabricates, anodizes and paints aluminum sheet, extrusion, column covers, architectural panels, and commercial roofing trim. SAF offers products and services to architectural specifiers, glazing contractors, and other industries. Services include aluminum batch anodizing, painting, coil anodizing, powder coating and architectural fabrication.

For more information on SAF Southern Aluminum Finishing Co., Inc. products and services, contact:

Penn McClatchey, VP Marketing
SAF Southern Aluminum Finishing Co., Inc.
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Email: pmm@saf.com
Website: www.saf.com
Phone: 770-942-1207×801, or 800-241-7429