Integral Color (discontinued) vs. 2-step Anodizing

Integral Color Anodizing DiscontinuedBecause of certain performance advantages, SAF now offers the more generally accepted 2-step anodizing process. We no longer offer the Integral Color, AKA Duranodic, anodizing process. Differences between the two anodizing processes help explain why, especially for architectural aluminum finishing applications:

Integral Color (Duranodic) DISCONTINUED

  • Harder coat (more dense) than 2-step.
  • Generally a thicker coat than 2-step unless Class I 2-step is specified.
  • Single step process.
  • Hides welds a little better than 2-step

2-Step anodizing

  • Does not craze when fabricated as badly as Integral.
  • Color is independent of coating thickness.
  • In general, more anodizers use the 2-step process.