Highlighting special aluminum/ACM applications

Aluminum workability, corrosion resistance, weight, electrical/thermal conductivity characteristics find application in almost every industry. And we’re certain SAF Aluminum extrusions, sheet, paint, panels, anodizing and fabrication services since 1946 have added value to our customers in these industries.

Here, we highlight some special industry applications for SAF aluminum.

These industry Links reference helpful aluminum and ACM panel information and applications. If you have an interesting aluminum or panel application we’d love to hear about it. Need to discuss a project? Feel free to tap our seven-plus decades of experience in a host of applications for aluminum, finishing, anodizing, distribution and ACM/aluminum engineered products that includes the Americas, Canada, Pacific Rim countries:

Aluminum Surface Treatment for Transportation Automotive, Military applications

Conversion Coating SAF Conversion Coating is a passivation or passivating technique for strengthening and preserving the appearance of metals commonly used on aluminum alloy parts in the aircraft and automotive industries.

Woodworking projects with aluminum

 Aluminum in woodworking applications Furniture Makers & Furniture Manufacturers: Distinctive Woodworking projects
deserve an innovative aluminum resource.

Sign projects with aluminum, ACM panels

 Aluminum in the sign industry Sign Designers, Sign Makers & Engineers, Sign Installers: SAF provides Aluminum Sheet, Aluminum Extrusions, ACM Panels, Finishing & Fabricating services for Designers & Manufacturers of
Architectural & Sign Products

Renewable Energy projects with aluminum

 aluminum in the renewable-energy-industry Wind Energy, Solar Energy , Alternative Energy participants: Ask about SAF Aluminum, Finishing & Fabricating services for Designers, Contractors & Manufacturers in Alternative Energy industries.