Series C4500 Rainscreen Panel System

Series 4500 Rainscreen Pressure Equalized ACM Panel System

The SAF Series 4500 Rainscreen Panel System is similar to the Series 4000 Rainsccreen Panels. It uses the same “track” and “frame” aluminum extrusions, but is manufactured with mitered frame extrusions and additional reinforcement in panel corners. For Rainscreen Panels that do not require mitered extrusions & corner reinforcement see Series 4000 Rain Screen Panels here.

Rainscreen Panels comply with AAMA 508

If the panels are manufactured by SAF and are properly installed the resulting rain screen will comply with AAMA 508. Like the 4000, the 4500 comes with fabricated panels and shipped-loose “track” extrusions.  Contact SAF for details on our new Series 4500 panels.