Gravel Stops & Fascia Systems

Gravel Stops…

Roof gravel stops are used at the roof termination on the perimeter of a structure for a variety of roof types such as EPDM Singly-Ply, Thermoplastic, Modified Bitumen and Built-Up roofing systems. These systems are design to protect the structure from damage due to water penetration at the roof edge and to prevent gravel, tar and debris from washing off during heavy rains.

Our gravel stops and fascia systems come in a variety of types, styles, profiles, materials, thicknesses and finishes. Each system is customizable to give a unique and professional finish to your low sloped roof edge for your commercial applications.


Press-LOC® Gravel Stops

Our Press-LOC Gravel Stop is designed to accommodate the strict performance criteria of today’s advanced commercial roofing systems. Press-LOC allows you to install metal edging to be flashed in accordance with commercial roof membrane manufacturer specifications. Our Secure Bar profile fully encapsulates the roof membrane to ensure a watertight and leak proof edge. The PLGS system comes in fascia heights of 4.5”, 6” & 8”.

The Press-LOC Gravel Stop unique and simple design makes installation fast and economical, while providing a leak-proof gravel stop edge that is extremely resistant to wind uplift. Simply fasten the Press-LOC secure bar to roof’s edge (screws provided), place tension clips at 24″ on center, and snap on the Press-LOC fascia… it’s that simple.

Our Press-LOC Gravel Stop systems have been tested to ANSI/SPRI/FM 4435/ES-1 Wind Design Standards for Edge Systems Test Method RE-2 for edge flashings.


Gravel-stops-G-1 Gravel-stop-G-2

Conventional Gravel Stops

These traditional gravel stops are also commonly referred to as “drip edge, eave trim & gutter aprons” for flat or low slope roofs. Manufactured with a 4” deck flange and pre-punched with elongated fastening slots for thermal movement. Joint detail is a 4” concealed splice plate with a 3/8” expansion reveal. These systems can also be modified for a 4” lap joint.

Gravel-stops-Flow-Thru design

Flow-Thru Gravel Stop (FTGS)

FTGS is our oldest solution for retaining ballast stone on a single ply roof while allowing water flow off. Manufactured from 0.040” aluminum and perforated on its face side with 3/16” holes @ ¼” staggered centers allows a 50% open face area without greatly affecting the strength. Joint treatment is a 4” factory notched lap joint which must be sealed as required with the primary roof membrane. FTGS can also be used with aggregate surfaced built-up roof systems for absolute positive drainage. Custom sizes are available.