Anodizing Gallery

SAF history of  custom Aluminum Anodizing extends back to 1946.  Today our Anodizing Gallery displays how SAF-Georgia & SAF-California anodizing facilities continue to provide anodizing to meet the most stringent aluminum finishing requirements of customers  coast-to-coast. This Anodizing Gallery is a testament to SAF Anodizing Pros who daily assist commercial contractor & architectural design customers to optimize aluminum finishing. Projects include aluminum parts of all sizes and configurations. SAF anodizing customers furnish their aluminum, or select from popular SAF inventory of stocked Aluminum Extrusion shapes and Aluminum Sheet for anodizing.

Fallon Gateway
Sound Transit Extension
DSC01495  Phyllis J. Washington Ed. Center
 DSCN0395 535 N. Michigan Ave
DSC01440  Tulare City Library
 DSCN0411th Signet Infinity Hall – 204 Clear 0.125 Aluminum
 Anodizing Gallery - Southside Baptist Southside Baptist, Warner Robins, GA
thumb Oglethorpe Dining Commons Expansion Project, Athens, GA
ydqiin3gydqiin3gthumb Overton Square Parking Garage, Memphis, TN  
Fotos for SAF2 Pensacola Community Maritime Park, Pensacola, FL 
Formed Black Anodized sheet Ferris High School, Spokane, WA
Bronze anodized ACM Hamilton College- Emerson Hall, Clinton NY
Clear anodized aluminum sheet BMR Building Upgrade- 201 Elliot Ave, Seattle, WA
Progression Place, Washington, DC
RSA1 RSA Headquarters, Montgomery, AL
Parc24, Vero Beach, FL
Anodizing Gallery - UGA Football Weight Room UGA Football Weight Room
Founders Federal Credit Union
Palm Beach Community College, Boca Raton, FL
Anodizing Sawgrass Point, Pompano Beach, FL
Anodized brake metal Bryant-Denny Stadium, Tuscaloosa, AL