Parc24 Vero Beach – Class 1 anodized sheet

Materials: Class 1 anodized aluminum sheet

Project: Parc24, Vero Beach, FL

Architect: Merrill, Pastor & Colgan

Contractor: Vero Glass and Mirror

Product: 215 Class 1 clear anodizing


Vero Glass and Mirror used SAF’s Class 1 anodized aluminum sheet for this project. Class 1 anodized is a type 2, class 1 finish, set forth by the aluminum anodizing council. This calls out for a mil thickness of between .7 and .8  (.0007″ and .0008″). A class 1 is the thickest, most durable architectural anodized finish. A thicker anodized coating does exist, which is called a hard coat. Hard coats exceed 1 mil (.001″). This is not considered an architectural coating and is often used in military applications, machine parts, firearms, or areas of very high abrasion. SAF does not offer a hard coat anodized finish, but we can offer class 1 and class 2 anodized coating as quickly as 1 day.