College Student Center – Column Covers

SAF M2000 Aluminum Column Covers

Project: Painted aluminum column covers for Ocean County College Student Center

General Contractor: Brockwell & Carrington Contractors

Architect: Blackney Hayes Architects

SubContractor: Depalma Contracting Inc.

Product: M2000 Column Covers coated with  bone white, AAMA-2605 PPG Duranar powder, as an alternate to liquid Kynar

Materials: SAF supplied the interior stacked round column cover sections. SAF’s scope included custom notching at many of the structural intersections and custom access panels fabricated in the factory prior to finishing. SAF manufactured these columns in our Villa Rica, GA plant and shipped them to Toms River, NJ.

SubContractor: EDA Contractors

Product: M2000 Column Covers coated with bone white, AAMA-2605 PPG Duranar powder as an alternate to liquid Kynar.

Materials: SAF supplied the painted exterior stacked round column covers for installation at the entryway, as well as exterior soffit and fascia areas on the sloped overhang and entrance.