Anodized Extrusions for Art

Project: Anodized extrusions for art, drawings & sample presentation & display.

Contractor: Luttrell Architectural Woodworks, Inc.,Birmingham, AL

SAF Finish:  SAF 204 Clear anodized

SAF Materials: 6063 Anodized Extrusions

SAF has an unparalleled selection of anodized extrusions that can be anodized the night ordered & shipped the next day. We can also paint our extrusions with high performance architectural paints in 3 business days. Any order with over 100 lbs of metal qualifies for free shipping. Smaller orders can be cut to lengths of 9′ or less in order to save money on shipping or get material quicker.

In addition to the clear anodized extrusions shown, we also offer; Black anodized, Bronze anodized, and gold anodized. Orders can be run to match a sample at no additional charge, although expect color variation with anodized finishes.