Rainscreen Panel Extrusions – Carmax

SAF supplied the rainscreen panel extrusions on this large ACM project for a CarMax dealership in Littleton, Colorado. SAF has dozens of different panel extrusion profiles available for next day shipment. We also distribute Flat ACM and can fabricate complex ACM Panel projects in house.

Project: Carmax, Littleton CO  

Contractor: Southam & Associates , American Fork, Utah

Finish:  Mill finish rainscreen panel extrusions

Rain screen panel extrusions Rain screen panel extrusions Rain screen panel extrusions
Rain screen panel extrusions Rainscreen Panel Extrusions Rainscreen panel extrusions

SAF offers a one day Metal Fabrication class where customers can learn to fabricate our Series 4000 and 4500 RainScreen systems with SAF rainscreen panel extrusions.

For small orders panel extrusions are normally shipped out the next day. If you order 100 lbs., SAF will cover the freight. We have no minimums.  To order now click here.

SAF offers aluminum panels and well-known, brand name ACM panels (Aluminum Composite Material). Our glazed and rain screen panel systems come with time-tested securing systems. Ask us to quote on your next project or fabrication requirement!

You can choose from a large selection of standard panel colors including metallic finishes, or an almost limitless array of factory-applied custom colors. ACM is available in 3mm, 4mm, 6mm standard core and 4mm fire-rated (FR) core.

ACM panel quality-to-price ratio is extremely favorable when compared to materials such as marble, granite, brick and pre-cast. Weighing less than 1.5 lbs. / sq. ft., fabricated components are easy and economical to install. ACM panels are fused under tension to resist deflection and provide maximum flatness, structural integrity and stability. It is weather resistant, easy to maintain, deadens sound, and is available with a fire-rated core.

As a mill-direct aluminum buyer and an approved fabricator for the major ACM manufacturers SAF is your most dependable choice for any panel job.