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SAF simply and efficiently sells ACM Flat Sheet from inventory that is stocked with standard/popular sizes and specifications. Customers rely on SAF for a wide selection of ACM Sheet from major ACM manufacturers.  Of course, SAF adds value to flat sheet sales with our own ACM fabrication capabilities for customers who need to augment their own fabricating capabilities for panel projects. We help customers develop their own fabricating skills with our acclaimed SAF ACM Sheet fabrication Training classes. Lastly, our channels of distribution enable excellent customer service for even small order ACM Sheet customers. 

SAF ACM Flat Sheet Allpication Edgemont Elementary
SAF ACM Flat Sheet Installation Scentsy Office Tower 
DSCN0667 - SAF ACM Flat Sheet Sales  St. Vincent Carmel Duke 
DSCN0640 - ACM Flat Sheet Sales & Fabrication  Woody Folsom CDJR, Baxley, GA
SAF ACM Flat Sheet Entryway  Church of the Highlands, AL
ACM Flat Sheet Delivered Bed Bath and Beyond, Lethbridge, AB

WARNING!  ACM products, including the ACM as sold by SAF as its product, are combustible; they can catch fire and burn.  Any laboratory testing information provided by SAF or by ACM manufacturers applies only to the particular product or assembly tested and does not necessarily represent how products will actually perform in their use.  Reports and test data corresponding to a particular tested product or assembly are not a guarantee that the same product or assembly would always achieve the same test result.  End-users of ACM products must consult with building and safety code experts to assure that the actual end use for the ACM is appropriate on a specific project.