Woodward Administrative Office

Woodward Admin. Office – Fabricated ACM Panel

Product:  SAF provided 4mm ACM Alucabond, PE Core, in std Brilliant Silver Metallic, panel extrusions; as well as fabricated J-trim and soffits painted with PPG Duranar Brilliant Silver XL, for the Woodward administrative office in Woodward, OK.

Architect: Troy D. Rhodes & Co., Inc.

General Contractor: Joe D. Hall General Contractors

SubContractor: Kline Sign & Crane

Project: The project was an adaptive reuse of an existing building(s) in downtown Woodward, OK.  It started as a hotel and saloon, in 1966 was renovated to become a bank, and finally in 2016 was renovated to become Woodward’s City Administration Office Complex.  Renovating is always difficult.  Renovating multiple buildings which had been designed for multiple uses into a ‘new’ complex that reads as one architectural thought is really difficult.  To make sure all new joints and features line up properly a great deal of field measuring has to occur. Buildings have additions, and settling occurs as structures age among many other variables.  The field measurements for this project were sent to SAF in the form of 21 ‘napkin’ sketches with dimensions hand written.  SAF’s Drafting Services was able to decipher all of the field measurements, overlaid with SAF shop drawings done from Architecturals, none of which matched the other.  SAF remained diligent, taking multiple calls a day throughout the drawing, fabrication and installation process to make sure that each panel was fabricated correctly.