Moffett Park Building 6

Project: Moffett Park Building 6, Sunnyvale, CA

Architect: DES Architects + Engineers, Redwood City, CA

Glazing Contractor: Walters & Wolf Glass, Fremont, CA

General Contractor: Level 10 Construction, Sunnyvale, CA

Materials: Painted PPG Duranar Grey 0.125" Panels and Brake Metal

Walters & Wolf installed 0.125 PPG Duranar Gray painted panels onto the latest additions to the Moffett towers campus. SAF's Redding, CA, plant provided them with pre-fabricated and post painted brake metal, as well as flat sheet to be used for fascia and cladding on this project.

Moffett Tower DSC01015 DSC01014 DSC01013 DSC01012 DSC01011 DSC01010 DSC01009 DSC01006 DSC01005 DSC01004 DSC01003 DSC01002 DSC01001 DSC01000 DSC00999 DSC00998 DSC00997