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SAF Customer Application for Credit

SAF Customer Application for Credit

Business References Please use references who will offer information by phone.

The applicant agrees to abide by our terms and conditions and pay invoices within 30 days.  Applicant further agrees to pay all collection fees, court costs, and attorney's fees if account is past due and placed with an attorney or collection agency.  Statements are not issued.  Remit by invoice.
Sales Tax
In accordance with state and local laws, SAF will collect sales tax from customers for any shipment to a state which charges sales tax and SAF doesn’t have a sales tax exemption certificate from the customer. You can follow the links below to your states tax exemption certificate.
Most of our customers assume they will be exempt from sales taxes, but for them to be exempt SAF must have a current sales tax exemption form. If a contractor exempts sales tax on the job materials, then the contractor must either have an exemption form from their customer or they must collect sales tax from the client. Whether to pay sales tax to SAF, to the government or to delegate this responsibility to their customer is our client's decision. If the customer pays his own sales tax to the government, the tax might then be known as "Use Tax". The same rates apply.
Often each town or municipality has a different rate, so there will be many different rates in each state. SAF has purchased software that calculates a sales tax rate for each zip code. Sales tax only depends on ship-to location and does not follow everywhere we ship on behalf of a customer.
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