Sun Control Systems Air Foil Configuration

SAF Sunshades will reduce solar heat gain and control glare to allow the designer to optimize their use of natural daylight. The benefit is reducing energy consumption and a more comfortable building environment. SAF Sunshades are engineered and designed to match a traditional sunshade appearance and yet versatile so that architects may create their unique designs without compromising aesthetics.

SAF fabricates their sunshades of extruded and formed aluminum sheet for reduced weight, superior corrosion resistance, and minimal maintenance. Different blade shapes such as airfoils, round tubes, or Z-shapes are all available. SAF sunshade models are available in a variety of anodized or PVDF finishes. SAF’s in-house CAD, fabrication, finishing, and assembly operations combined with our unequaled SAF Enterprise ERP system has enabled SAF to offer competitive yet reliable delivery schedules.

Specialized tools based on the ASCE 7-10 standard are used by SAF Project Managers to evaluate the structural characteristics and aide in the quoting process for your project. These tools take out the guesswork and allow SAF to quote the configuration and communicate the relevant information to Architects and Professional Engineers.

General Features and Information

  • Quoting Requirements: Architectural Drawings, Structural Drawing Sheet S1, and PE Calculations, if available.
  • Engineered Substrate: Structural Engineering for structures/mounting surfaces is the responsibility of others and is beyond the scope of undertaking of SAF
  • System Testing: Meets the requirements of AAMA 514-16 (Standard Test Method for Static Loading and Impact on Exterior Shading Devices)
  • Finishes: Anodized or PVDF Painted Finishes
  • Engineering: All SAF Sunshades must be engineered by a professional Engineer prior to fabrication and installation.  Installation not by SAF.
  • Required Maintenance: Minimal, Clean with low pressure water and mild detergents
  • General Size Limitations:
    • Anodize Finish – 36″ depth from building face by 84″ wide. * see note below
    • Painted Finish – 48″ depth from building face by 75″ wide. * see note below
  • * = Max sizes determined by Engineer

Air Foil Configuration

– Fully Customizable: 1/4″ Aluminum Plate, in 6061-T6 for painted finish and 6063-T5 for anodized finish.
– Available in lengths up to 11.625″ from mounting surface.
– 6061-T6 customizable aluminum extrusionsAir Foils:
– Available in 4″, 6″, and 8″.

  • Air Foils & Fascia – 6063-T6 Aluminum Alloy
  • Brackets – 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy
  • Outriggers – 6063-T5 and 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy – Restrictions apply
Blade Configurations:

  • Varies, based on desired amount of sun control and design
  • Blade angles can be adjusted for different geographic locations
Material Thickness:

  • Air Foils & Fascia – .080″ – .110″ Thick Walls
  • Brackets – .375″ Thick Cap & Stem
  • Outriggers – .25″ Aluminum Plate
System Configurations:

  • Single Span
  • Multiple Span
System Dimensions:

  • Up to a 48″ depth and a 78″ width for a single span sunshade = all systems require PE Stamp