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SAF locations map

SAF – Atlanta, GA

14100 Veterans Memorial Highway
Villa Rica, GA 30180
Tel: 800-241-7429

SAF- West

4356 Caterpillar Road
Redding, California 96003
Tel: 866-660-6627

SAF- Midwest

5302 West 78th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46268
Tel: 800-357-9016

SAF – Temple, TX

10986 NW H K Dodgen Loop
Temple TX 76504

Fast, expert sheet metal fabrication can make the difference between project profit & loss. SAF Fabrication serves customers nationwide from state-of-the-art metal fabricating facilities in GA, IN & CA. SAF customers may qualify for our 3-Day Out!!! metal fabricating program that guarantees qualifying custom sheet metal orders for shearing and forming will ship within 3 business days, or we will extend a 10% discount on your entire metal fabrication order.

When you need to expedite a custom sheet metal fabrication, whether we supply the metal or you do, contact a SAF Metal Fabrication Pro. SAF guarantees shipment only, delivery time depends on the shipping service you select.


Note: See cut-to-length aluminum extrusions for turn around of aluminum extrusion orders.


To assist our customers with rapid shipment of custom sheet metal requiring shearing and forming operations only, SAF offers the 3-Day Out!!! sheet metal fabrication program. A SAF Metal Fabrication Project Manager will qualify each job request for this 3-Day Out!!! sheet metal fabrication program. (We offer speedy, but NOT expedited services for fabrication jobs requiring: welding, punching, notching, drilling or CNC fabrication.) Our quotation will indicate whether or not we can provide 3-Day Out!!! service on your specific order. We will generally respond to your request for 3-Day Out!!! Service via an emailed quotation within 8 hours of receipt. We welcome your follow-up on any request for a 3-Day Out!!! service quotation that exceeds the usual 8 hour response time by calling our Estimating Department at 770-942-1207. Please note that it may take SAF longer than 8 working hours to respond to complex or incomplete inquiries.

SAF’s hours of operation are 8:30 – 5:00PM EST, Monday through Friday. You may also email your inquiries to, but be sure to include drawings in AutoCAD format for the fastest response.

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Step 1: Email your drawings or detailed sketches to  To expedite processing your inquiry please be sure to include:

  • Material Type: Aluminum, Aluminum Sheet, Aluminum Composite Materials, Stainless Steel, other metals
  • Fabricated Parts Quantity
  • Whether SAF Supplies the Material or You Will Supply the Material
  • All Appropriate Dimensions, Including Metal Thickness, Girth and Length.
  • Aluminum Finish, if appropriate (Mill Finish, In-Stock Pre-Paint Material)
  • Special Fabricating or Packing Requirements and any special instructions
  • Your Complete Contact Information

Step 2: An SAF Metal Fabrication Project Manager will qualify your job for the 3-Day Out!!! service program and respond with a written quotation, if appropriate. Please make note of SAF’s quotation number. The Quotation Number will make future discussions and reference to the quotation much easier.

Step 3. Upon acceptance of our 3-Day Out!!! Quotation, immediately email your order back to us at or toll-free at 877-949-4759. Please DO NOT send orders to any other E-mail address. E-Mails sent to an individual person may not qualify for the 3-Day Out!!! program because the individual may be away from their desk for a prolonged period of time or be out of the office.

Step 4. SAF will email you an acknowledgment of your order within 8 business hours. If you do not receive an acknowledgment, PLEASE CALL US IMMEDIATELY at (770) 942-1207.

Step 5. The 3 business days clock for completing and shipping your Metal Fabrication Order starts upon:

  • Receipt of payment information:
    1. existing customers who have an open account with an available credit line may charge,
    2. new accounts or C.O.D. accounts are required to prepay for 3-Day Out!!! parts via VISA, American Express, wire transfer, certified or cashier’s check.
  • Receipt of a signed order by an authorized purchaser of your company and,
  • Receipt of a final drawing, with final dimensions, material specifications, and accurate quantities, if changed DURING the quotation stage (these changes are reflected in your quotation) and,
  • Receipt of all raw materials required to process the order.

NOTE: Changes in drawings, dimensions, material specifications and quantities AFTER the Quotation must be Re-Quoted and will start at Step 1 of this program.

Step 6. SAF Metal Fabrication will fabricate the parts and package them for shipment to you. The 3 business days clock stops when the parts are packed and in SAF’s shipping department, ready for pick-up or shipment. If the parts are not ready for pick-up, SAF Metal Fabrication agrees to extend a 10% discount on your entire 3-Day Out!!! order.

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  1. Orders accepted on this program are subject to common aluminum sizes, thicknesses, and finishes that we carry in stock unless raw materials are supplied by the customer. Production time for other material types supplied by SAF is subject to aluminum availability.
  2. This program is limited to orders for shearing and forming only.
  3. Batch painted or batch anodized finishes are not included in this program.
  4. Any orders that require special tooling are excluded.
  5. The SAF 3-Day Out!!! Metal Fabrication program is subject to prior commitments. If we can’t produce the parts within 3 business days for any reason, including but not limited to mechanical failure of equipment, we will state our timeline in our response or quotation.
  6. The 8-hour response time for quotations starts after we have received all required information to properly quote the job. Changes in specifications, quantities, etc. restart the quote and order completion “clock.”

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The 3 business days clock starts when all the following have been received by SAF:

  1. SAF has received a purchase ORDER from the customer via email. If you do not receive an acknowledgment in response to your order within 8 business hours, PLEASE CALL US IMMEDIATELY at (770) 942-1207.
  2. Payment arrangements have been made with SAF Metal Fabrication.
  3. All the information included in Step 1 of the section entitled “How does SAF’s 3-Day Out!!! program work?” has been received at our office.

Orders received and approved for this program with payment arrangements completed by 3:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time will be available to ship within 3 business days. For example, if final approval and payment are received on:

  • Tuesday afternoon at 4:00 p.m., then the parts will be ready no later than Monday’s shipping deadline
  • Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 p.m., then the parts will be ready no later than Friday’s shipping deadline

IMPORTANT: The 3 business days “clock” stops when any of the following occur:

  1. Changes in specifications, dimensions, design or quantities are submitted by the customer,
  2. Design or dimension errors are found in the drawings,
  3. The flat pattern design cannot be assembled as specified and/or
  4. Any and all raw materials to be supplied by the customer are not received as agreed.

The 3 business days “clock” time period ends when the parts are packed and in SAF’s shipping department ready for pick-up or shipment.

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Question: How can SAF offer 3-Day Out!!! service to produce parts in 3 business days when my normal suppliers take much longer?

Answer: SAF’s 3-Day Out!!! service is more than just a “program”; it’s an organized system of just-in-time manufacturing designed to produce specified, quality parts from start to finish within 72 hours. Our staff of Estimators, Project Managers and Order Entry Specialists are trained to quickly move your order through the pre-fabrication process. The production order is delivered to our production personnel with all details resolved in the pre-production process to avoid any delays in fabrication. Our production department is organized to rapidly move parts through the fabrication process and into our packaging department to be ready for shipping.

Question: Why does the 3-Day Out!!! program require payment by VISA, American Express, wire-transfer, certified check or cashier’s check for new customers or approved accounts past due or over their credit limit?

Answer: Fast service deserves prompt payment! We cannot conduct a normal credit evaluation in the short time that is available and we cannot be waiting for promised payments from accounts past due or over their credit line.

Question: How does the 3-Day Out!!! program guarantee work?

Answer: In the unlikely event that your order is not completed, packed and awaiting pick-up or shipment within 3 business days, SAF will extend a 10% discount on the entire 3-Day Out!!! order, excluding freight, which is not included in the quotation. The SAF 3-Day Out!!! program guarantees that your order will be packaged and ready for pick-up or shipment ONLY. Delivery time depends on the shipping service you select if you make your choice known.

Question: While many orders processed on the 3-Day Out!!! program are small “MUST HAVE” orders; customers sometimes ask, “Why are these orders disproportionately higher in price per part than normal production orders?”

Answer: We don’t skip steps or sacrifice quality to meet our delivery schedule. Your 3-Day Out!!! parts are subject to the same pre-production processes, fabrication, and inspection as are used for volume production. The same steps are required whether a single part is made or hundreds of parts are made. These steps include estimating, order entry, materials management, shop floor scheduling, machine set-up (which could involve several machines), packaging, possibly outside vendor management, invoicing, shipping and customer service. Normally the costs associated with each step in processing an order are “spread over” tens, hundreds or even thousands of parts and become a small percentage of the overall cost. When a relatively few parts must absorb the entire process, the cost per part rises rapidly.