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How to Specify SAF Aluminum & Engineered ProductsYour guide to How to Specify SAF Paint Coatings, Gutters, Downspouts, Cornice, Column Covers, Wall Panels

See the links to the left for information to guide you through the process of detailing your specifications: How to Specify quality SAFinish Aluminum Coatings, SAF Perimeter Systems Architectural Products, SAF Column Cover Systems, & SAF Wall Panel Systems.

To specify our premium SAFINISH coatings click here.

For Perimeter Systems commercial roofing edge trims, gutters, downspouts and more, click here.

Discover everything you need to know about SAF Column Covers and custom fabrication here.

For a guide specification for SAF’s Column Covers please see our section at BSD Speclink’s Speclink-E.

Specify Our Products

To specify SAF Wall Panels Systems click here.

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Specifying anodizing or aluminum finishing can be a challenge for contractors. It is also one that SAF Pros resolve many times every day. Allow an SAF Pro help complete your next project. Get help with tricky aluminum paint or aluminum anodizing questions, including fabrication. Or, learn more about SAF Column Cover, Architectural Wall Panel or Rain Screen project. Go here. or call Toll-free 800-241-7429.

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