Aluminum Sheet: Anodizing – Integral Color (Duranodic)

aluminumsheetIntegral Color (Duranodic) Discontinued by SAF.

Duranodic is a type of anodized finish. There are many kinds of anodized finishes besides Duranodic. Alcoa introduced their Duranodic process in the early 1960’s and “Duranodic” remains their trademark as far as is known. You had to have a license from Alcoa to do Duranodic.

In the early 1970’s the 2-step process was introduced as an alternative to Duranodic color. Subsequently, Alcoa lost interest in this market presumably because of the increased competition and the Duranodic became known as “integral color.” Integral color simply means the coloring and anodizing took place in a single step. With 2-step the anodizing takes place in two steps. First the aluminum is sulfuric acid anodized and then it is electrolytically impregnated with tin salts.

At SAF, we perform the 2-step process. For differences between the two process, click here.

Southern Aluminum Finishing no longer processes Duranodic anodizing.