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SAF adds acid etching to anodizing process

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SAF-Aluminum AnodizingAtlanta, GA – 22 May 2009 – SAF (Southern Aluminum Finishing Co., Inc.) introduces an acid etch process that meets or exceeds all AAMA 611 specifications to its aluminum anodizing services. The acid etch process is more environmentally friendly and yields better color consistency than traditional caustic soda etch.

Acid etched aluminum is expected to better meet the needs of SAF’s extrusion, fabrication and finishing customers in the construction industries throughout North America by reducing color variation. Storefront, curtain wall, and door manufacturers have already noted the improved uniformity of this process, and its ability to hide select metal defects that caustic soda can’t.

“An acid etch makes for a more uniform appearance and hides metal imperfections better than the caustic etch.” according to Penn McClatchey, SAF’s marketing manager. “It requires less etching time which significantly reduces the amount of metal lost in the anodizing process. This is helpful to our customers who charge by the pound,” McClatchey adds.

The acid etch process is also more environmentally friendly, resulting in less waste sludge disposal. Additionally, the process accommodates the use of a higher percent of recycled content in extrusion billet while still maintaining high uniformity of finish.

While SAF continues to supply caustic soda etch, the acid etch treatment offers a superior uniform matte finish and an anodic coating free of the streaks or flow lines. The lower gloss reading of an acid etched reduces anodized color variation. Other benefits include:

■ Reduced etch time
■ Reduced aluminum removal. Better for the environment and better for engineering.
■ Effectively hides extrusion lines, scuffs and die lines.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, SAF (Southern Aluminum Finishing Co., Inc.) is a nation-wide aluminum distributor, aluminum fabricator, and aluminum finisher specializing in Kynar painting and architectural anodizing. SAF distributes, fabricates, anodizes and paints aluminum sheet, extrusion, column covers, architectural panels, and commercial roofing trim. SAF offers products and services to architectural specifiers, glazing contractors, and other industries. Services include aluminum batch anodizing, painting, coil anodizing, powder coating and architectural fabrication.

For more information on SAF Southern Aluminum Finishing Co., Inc. products and services, contact:

Penn McClatchey, VP Marketing
SAF Southern Aluminum Finishing Co., Inc.
8370 E. Highway 78, Villa Rica, GA 30180 USA
Phone: 770-942-1207×801, or 800-241-7429

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