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Anodizing Job Checklist

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Toll anodizing checklist

Use this anodizing checklist to get the best results from your SAF anodizing Job. Anodizing can beautify and protect aluminum parts and extrusions in large and small batches of everything from rails, grills/louvers to volumes of aluminum metal used in storefronts, entryways, building trim, gutters, soffits, hinges, windows and doors. Use the following checklist before you build an SAF Job Finishing order to ensure smooth going.

1. Is the metal anodizing-friendly?

Few aluminum alloys are suitable for anodizing. Anodizing-friendly alloys include 5005 or 6063 aluminum. Other alloys such as 6061 or 5052 may streak or turn yellow.

2. Prepare the proper aluminum alloy for successful anodizing

Even with the right alloy, defects like scratches, water stains, die lines or heat spots will present anodized finishing problems. SAF alerts customers of potential problems in advance, flagging obvious problems during an SAF pre-anodizing inspection. Even with pre-inspections, however, water stains may not appear until after the anodizing process. So protect your metal stock from moisture!

3. Define delivery requirements as carefully as possible.

Beyond lead times, do you require (or does the job permit) staged or multiple delivery scheduling? Are there special batch handling requirements? Everyone benefits if a realistic scheduling goal can be outlined up-front.

4. Review & perform the necessary job finishing prep steps

Parts to be anodized must be drilled for proper drainage. Ask about dipping tank capacity, too. Will the job fit the anodizer’s tank and handling system? Prior to shipping it is very important for customers to keep their job finishing metal dry and packed for protection.

5. Establish precise color target guidelines

Whether or not you provide a sample, color matching can make a huge difference in anodizing finishes. Samples should be from same aluminum stock lots and alloys as the finished project. Don’t be afraid to send a sample, or ask SAF for samples to color-match your metal. SAF offers a variety of stock colors that includes architectural standards such as clear, bronze, black, gold. Custom colors are almost limitless.

6. Determine if surfaces to be finished will be subjected to environmental, or other contact exposure

Your SAF sales representative will work with you to determine the proper specification for exposed surfaces, in addition to special requirements to achieve the longest-lasting visual appeal.

7. Detail special racking instructions or special packaging/shipping requirements

For example, high volume extruders may require only plastic-wrapped layers and master bundles, where smaller users may need cardboard boxes, or special racking techniques for the shipping of their completed job finishing order.

8. Send a packing list or a quote in advance to help SAF expedite your order.

Never be shy about covering these anodizing basics with SAF Customer Service staff when planning a job finishing project. Our expertise, variety of colors, and project management experience will ensure that you receive a quality job finishing order. As always at SAF, we try to accommodate all customer needs and project deadlines.

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