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Greetings to all our international customers!

SAF distributes and processes aluminum both in the United States and in other parts of the world. We are the world leaders in the anodized aluminum process for architectural use. Our export products are mainly the following:

Currently, we are interested in distributing our products in the international market

  • Aluminum Alloy 5005 Quality Anodized, Coil (0.5-3mm)
  • Aluminum Alloy 5005 Anodized Quality, Sheets (0.5-5mm)
  • Coil anodized coatings up to 1.5 mm.
  • Coil anodized coatings up to 5 mm.
  • Customized sheets and covered with PVDF
  • Manufacture of personalized plates and plates (finished products)
  • Cladding for columns and aluminum composite panels
  • Profiled/Normalized/Extrusion (square, rectangular, Tes, Ues…) anodized within 24 hours

SAF’s anodized coatings are carefully processed and measured to ensure color consistency. All painting and anodizing is done within the SAF facilities and we use high quality paint (Valspar and PPG), light natural anodizing, in addition to the colors bronze and gold. Thanks to our 60 years of experience in aluminum finishing, we can advise architects and construction technicians on all the characteristics of architectural aluminum. We anodize both electromagnetic coils and sheets. We recommend Alloy  5005  for most natural and smooth anodizing processes. . Finally, we recommend the  AAMA 611  for the best hard anodized finishes and the  AAMA 2605 for the best paint finishes.

For better quality, we advise anodizing and painting thicker aluminum coatings after the final product is manufactured (cutting, welding, etc.). The assembly must also be anodized and painted after fabrication. This will prevent any cracking or crazing of the anodized finish during manufacture and will provide maximum protection and clarity on all surfaces of the materials produced. SAF also owns several high-quality automated factories. Our company believes in controlling the entire production chain to guarantee an irreproachable service.

Visit our website and discover our different pre-engineered products, wall panels, column cladding and ceiling products… CAD and BIM files can be downloaded for each product. We distribute and manufacture ACM products in association with brands such as  Alpolic, Alucobond, and Reynobond.

Contact us if you have architectural aluminum needs by  calling (+01)  800-241-7429 and/or emailing .

Currently, we are interested in distributing our products in the international market

John B. McClatchey Jr. Sales
SAF & SAF Metal Fabrication
1581 Huber St.
Atlanta, Ga. USA 30318
Cell: 1-404-550-7769
Skype: john.b.mcclatchey.jr

SAF – Southern Aluminum Finishing Co. – 1581 Huber St. Atlanta, Georgia USA 30318

Southern Aluminum Finishing Co. (SAF) is one of the most comprehensive companies in the anodized aluminum finishing industry in the United States. For 60 years, contractors, architects, designers, owners, dealers and other aluminum fabricators have relied on SAF materials for: custom fabrication, electromagnetic coils, anodized coatings, custom anodized, paint, aluminum sheets, architectural standard profiles , roofing products, column cladding and wall panels.

SAF is the only company in the United States that controls both anodizing and painting facilities, a full-time manufacturing facility, and a significant inventory of aluminum sheets and extrusions/standards. This means that SAF is able to provide its clients with a fast, responsible service and one step away from the help of an expert. To avoid delays, SAF has a ‘3 days out’ policy after receiving orders on aluminum sheet shipments. SAF also guarantees shipment of mill finish, anodized and sectioned extrusions within 24 hours.

Southern Aluminum Finishing Co. was founded by Marvin McClatchey in 1946. In 1960, SAF’s current offices in Atlanta were opened and over the years, Southern Aluminum Finishing has become an international manufacturer and distributor. Contact us at our phone  (+01)  800-241-7429  and/or email