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Purdue University – Kozuch Football Performance Complex

West Lafayette, IN

Project Details

West Lafayette, IN
Spohn & Asssociates

M1000 Column Covers

Prior to the construction of the Kozuch Football Performance Complex on the campus of Purdue University, the student-athlete experience for the football team was less than ideal. Football-related facilities were housed in multiple buildings across campus, preventing the players from having a unified experience as a team. Football operations were segmented.

Therefore, the construction of the Kozuch Football Performance Complex was initiated. The three-level structure totals 112,000 square feet and includes a locker room, team meeting room, position group meeting rooms, player development room, weight room, sports medicine and hydrotherapy area, nutrition station, coach and support staff offices, and a grand entrance lobby showcasing the Boilermakers’ history and tradition.

The project gives valuable time back to the team and its coaches by putting all necessary football training facilities under one roof.

The $65 million project required various construction materials to complete, including a total of 18 individual M1000 stainless steel (number 4) column covers from SAF. The column covers span all three stories and are installed at the main entrance of the building in front of a glass curtain wall. Passing through that entrance, guests and players find an impressive lobby showcasing the football program’s storied history.

The project’s design (by Populous) presented particular challenges that impacted the shape of the column covers. First, they needed to be installed on an angle, and three of the columns penetrated an entrance overhang at the front of the building. This required skillful metal making on behalf of the craftsman at SAF.

The goal was to make the installation as seamless as possible for the subcontractor in charge of fastening the covers to the structure, Spohn Associates, Inc.

“The team at SAF executed a tough design that had lots of structure penetrations that needed to be engineered and integrated gracefully,” said Eric Spohn, president and owner of Spohn Associates.

Designed to conceal the support columns, the stainless steel covers needed to be manufactured with precision to successfully incorporate into various connection points on the structure. This included being flush with the ground, sitting perfectly into the base and the top of the overhang, and finally at connection points in the metal paneling at the building’s roof section.

Being located at an entrance, the selection of durable stainless steel was deliberate to prevent dings, dents, and rusting through varying weather cycles across Indiana’s changing seasons.

The M1000 column covers are a hook-on system that can be custom made from a wide selection of in-house material options, including Kynar-coated aluminum, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, or aluminum composite material. SAF can create column covers in larger lengths than most manufacturers (up to 16 feet) to eliminate horizontal reveals and streamline installation. This is especially vital for the aesthetics of a building such as the Kozuch Football Performance Complex where columns span multiple stories.

Spohn chose SAF as the project’s supplier and fabricator based on a history of on-time, consistent metal production and delivery.

“SAF has been a great industry partner for us that always delivers quality work. They are easy to work with and accountable,” added Spohn.

The performance complex’s modern design and state-of-the-art amenities have had a significant impact on the productivity of the football program at Purdue University, and it has served as a source of pride for this Big Ten school.

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