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Curb Costs and Streamline Processes with a Single, Reliable Vendor

When it comes to a construction project, what do you look for when choosing metal suppliers or fabricators as partners?

Undoubtedly, you seek a distributor who can consistently get you what you need when you need it.

If fabrication is part of the equation, you likely seek a provider that can form aluminum into the precise shapes you need for an architectural project.

Is finishing or anodizing something that is important?

These are all considerations when selecting a metals company. Whichever organization you choose, this decision should take into account your needs right now with an eye on the foreseeable future as well. Don’t just look for a temporary solution. Find a trusted resource that can serve as your steady partner.

With all-in-one, reliable organizations such as SAF, you can capitalize on the efficiencies of having all your metal needs met in one place. As a one-stop shop for all things metal, SAF possesses more than 75 years of experience perfecting their service offerings: Metal fabrication, distribution, and finishing.

One Well-Oiled Relationship

Building Products Digest recently wrote about the advantages of working with a single supplier:

  • Building and preserving a relationship with one supplier is simpler and easier to manage.
  • Costs (administrative and others) are reduced when buying from one vendor.
  • By ordering all materials through one entity, you can obtain volume discount pricing.
  • It is easier to integrate your systems with a single supplier compared to multiple suppliers.
  • The ability to negotiate small, frequent deliveries to help improve inventory control is advantageous.

 In addition, working with one organization that can serve as your singular solution for metal distribution, fabrication, and finishing means your team only has to manage one relationship to get completely finished product that is already formed and painted or anodized.

Consider this scenario. You are a specifier that needs an array of column covers for a new commercial building in a busy downtown metropolis. Construction must be completed in a timely fashion so that businesses leasing the space can move in. Time is of the essence. By working with a one-stop shop, you rely on a partner that has the materials in stock with quick shipping guarantees, can fabricate aluminum to the precise dimensions you need, and can anodize or paint the column covers prior to job site delivery. Taken together, this can collapse timelines and ultimately streamline the construction process.

Now, consider the contrary, where you must source a supplier, coordinate the delivery of sheet metal to a fabricator, and then potentially have to find a third organization to finish the product. In the end, this drastically prolongs the process. That often translates into additional time and money spent.

Manufacturer Matters

Working with one vendor is simpler and more cost-effective than coordinating with multiple entities. Choosing the right manufacturer, one that you can trust, is also imperative.

SAF is a family-owned and operated business with more than 75 years of experience in the industry. Decades of perfecting its processes has allowed the organization to offer delivery guarantees such as Next Day Out and Three Day Out shipping to swiftly get you the materials you need.

SAF has earned the trust of architects, installers, fabricators, and other construction stakeholders for decades by serving as a reliable one-stop metals shop. With its vison to Make a Difference. Serve. Share. Create., SAF adds value to customers by offering superior customer service, unmatched technical expertise, manufacturing flexibility, fast and reliable delivery, continuous operational excellence, and a dedication to innovation.

Long Process Short

The efficiency of your organization often hinges upon the partners that you choose.  Slowdowns and setbacks affect project timelines. They can also impact planned revenue, the coordination of labor and rental equipment, and can result in construction having to take place in weather conditions not initially considered.

Choosing a reliable partner that can handle the entire process and get you a finished product can help eliminate potential obstructions and get your project out of the starting gate much sooner.

When your organization needs metal materials, fabrication, or finishing, consider working with a one-stop shop such as SAF, one of only a handful of organizations in the United States that offers all three metal capabilities in-house.

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