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Working With Freight to Make a Difference

SAF locations mapAt SAF we offer several freight options. As shipping has become more volatile, having different options may help save you time and money and limit the possibility of damage.  SAF will continue to include freight on sheet and extrusion orders over 100 pounds.  We ship all material FOB factory delivered.  Below are some options which may be available to you.

SAF typically uses LTL carriers for orders that do not require a full truckload. Smaller loads result in many separate shipments being transported on one truck and often “cross-docked” at multiple facilities. This method may be excessively expensive when shipping extrusions longer than 16’ as carriers charge premiums for handling long, thin boxes.

SAF offers delivery and pick-up for local customers in Atlanta, Georgia; Temple, Texas; Indianapolis, Indiana and Redding, California.  This allows for faster delivery and less freight damage.

Additionally, SAF frequently ships orders via a dedicated truck. In our experience, dedicated trucks make the most sense for extremely high-value shipments that cannot afford any damage as the replacement of damaged parts would cause excessive losses for all parties involved.  Dedicated trucks may also be less expensive than shipping extrusions longer than 16’.

Trucking contracted by SAF for multiple shipments into a geographic region is another option. Consolidated trucks allow multiple orders to be shipped together without needing to be cross-docked, which leads to less damage and perhaps cost savings than shipping LTL.

Each day SAF ships fabricated extrusions via UPS.  These extrusions need to be limited to 92” or shorter and can be shipped using different options, from UPS Ground to UPS Overnight.  There are some size and weight limitations, so please check with your SAF representative.  This is yet another tool for SAF and our customers to save freight costs or reduce transit times.  Again, the limitations are typically 92” and shorter.

As always, SAF allows customers to pick up their orders at any of our locations.  Customers may also deliver their material to SAF for services such as Toll finishing.

SAF offers a variety of shipping options tailored to meet each customer’s individual needs.  For more information, please contact your SAF representative by emailing

SAF’s Redding, California delivery truck

SAF Georgia’s delivery shuttle